Meet the Parents

Our breeding dams live in our homes, cared for by us. We consider our dogs not only the foundation for our breeding success but also as an important backbone in our home. That’s why our breeding dogs live happy, healthy lives in the comfort of our home. We make sure their health comes first while providing them much love and care. All of our breeding dams and sires have been genetically tested and cleared for all diseases.

Maggie May

Maggie May is a beautiful first generation Goldendoodle, meaning that her parents were a Poodle and an English Golden Retriever. Her vibrant, golden coat is wavy in nature. Maggie May is energetic and fun-loving with an amazing temperament. She enjoys playtime, loving cuddles, and chilling on the couch. Maggie May weighs approximately 45 pounds.


Luna is a gorgeous standard poodle. She is very intelligent and affectionate. She loves to be loved on and makes a great cuddle buddy that weighs in at about 45 pounds.

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